Rope winches

Geda Maxi 150s rope wrench

Geda Maxi 150s is easily and quickly installed in the bottom of a scaffold. On top, a light swing arm is mounted on the height of the scaffold. Maximal operating height is 40 m, and if the winch is suspended higher - 76 m.

Two lifting speeds, overload protection, and anti-twist locks make this lift a perfect toll in installation of scaffolds and transport of construction materials up to significant heights.
Geda Maxi 150s shows numerous advantages:
  • The engine stops if the rope is loose. The rope remains permanently under tension on a drum.
  • Easy way on rope installation on the arm – no need to disassemble.
  • Integrated switch turns off engine during lifting when to hook reaches the arm, the lift is overcharged, it will be blocked on the scaffold.
  • Possible to supply with AC 230V.
  • Possible to purchase useful additional accessories.
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Price: Ask about price €/netto
Price: Ask about price €/brutto
Technical data
  • Load - 150 kg
  • Length of the rope 51/81 m
  • Electrical connection 0,45/135 kW/230 V/50 Hz
  • Lifting speed 15/45 m/min.