LA73 type scaffolds (alu-plywood robust platform)

Set of working surface 100 m2

NoDescription of elementsAmount
1Steel frame 2,00 x 0,73 m14
2Alu-plywood platform (robust) 2,57 x 0,61 m10
3Single steel guardrail 2,57 m30
4Front guardrail 0,73 m2
5Diagonal brace 2,57 m4
6Guardrail bar 1,00 m5
7Support 0,60 m14
8Frame 1,00 x 0,73 m2
9Platform with a ladder 2,57 x 0,61 m2
10Fixed joint SW195
11Anchor 0,60 m5
12Ledger 2,57 x 0,15 m12
13Front ledger 0,73 x 0,15 m2
14Scaffold eyebolt5
15Weight (kg)830
  • Additional elements are not included in the price.
  • Delivery time 1-3 working days (depending on the current stock).
  • Transport not included.
  • Possibility to order individual elements.
  • Other configuration possible on request.
Working surface (m2)100,23
Amount of platforms on one storey6
Exact length (m)15,42
Working height (m)6,5
Number of circulation areas1
Platforms length (m)2,57
Number of strings of concentration2
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